Chris Sherwin

Tension Cage 1

18ct yellow gold, platinum rough diamond ring [$2,400] [Enquire]


18ct yellow gold, Tahitian black pearl earrings [$2,600] [Enquire]


18ct yellow gold Australian sapphire ring [$2,800] [Enquire]
18ct yellow gold matching fitted wedding band [$900] [Enquire]

Hessonite Eye

950 platinum, 24ct gold, 18ct gold marquise hessonite garnet pendant [$11,050] [Enquire]

Pear Shape Cage

18ct yellow gold, black Tahitian pearl earrings [$3,600] [Enquire]

Horn Shoulder

18ct gold, Bronze sapphire, diamond ring [$3,800] [Enquire]

Tension Cage 2

18ct yellow gold, platinum rough diamond ring [$1,900] [Enquire]

Chris Sherwin

Chris lived and worked in Germany during the 1980's where there is a strong goldsmithing history as well as current contemporary practice in technical and design innovation in jewellery making. As a result of extensive travel Chris is able to draw on European historical influences, particularly Roman texts and architectural forms, contributing to a unique design vocabulary.

Using specific skills required to work in platinum, along with gem setting, requires well-developed specialised techniques to allow new design options. Chris’s technical virtuosity allows a seamless appreciation and celebration of incorporating gems and precious metals in his jewellery designs.

Artist’s Bench