Susanna Strati

Cage Amulet Point

Sterling silver pendant [$190]

Cage Amulet Drop 1

Sterling silver earrings [$160]

Cage Amulet Drop 2

Sterling silver pendant [$190]

Talisman Cage

Bronze steel, Oxidised sterling silver pendant [$265]

Black Pool

Oxidised sterling silver ring [$180]

Susanna Strati

Susanna Strati is an Object and Installation artist exploring expressions of personal identity through a vocabulary of grief and mourning. Strati's work takes on a commemorative or memorial format to memorialise lost traditions. Her art practice is increasingly concerned with recognising ways objects combined with gestures can function to fill the empty spaces left by the disappearance of traditional Southern Italian mourning practices.

Strati has participated in both international and national exhibitions and has been granted awards and residencies. Strati is inspired by her love of all things vintage, memory, religious art, bakelite, skulls, her grandmother who she never met and her cat Stella. Combining Silver, Gold, Steel, Plastics, and Gemstones, she works with traditional jewellery and metalsmithing techniques, plus the latest computer aided industry technology.

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