Amanda Fox

Wreath Smokey

Oxidised sterling silver Smokey Quartz pendant [$350]

Laurel Lemon

Sterling silver lemon Quartz Briolette earrings [$230]

Wreath Lemon

Sterling silver Lemon Quartz Briolette pendant [$350]

Flat Top / Small Rake

Sterling silver ring [5.8mm wide band] [$330]  
Sterling silver oxidised detail ring [4.5mm wide band] [$310]  

Amanda Fox

I am continually working on designs to complete my jewellery but it is the fluidity of the initial rough sketches that I like to imbue my finished work with. By creating wax models to cast into precious metals I am able to achieve this immediacy and hand forging and fabricating metal also lends itself to realising this feel.

Artist’s Bench