Castle - sapphire

18ct yellow gold, Australian blue sapphire ring [5mm band] [$POA]

Little Castle - blue / Tercet - blue

18ct yellow gold, blue Australian sapphire [5.6 x 15mm, Chain 44cm] [$1,990]  
9ct yellow gold, blue sapphire [10 x 12.6mm, Chain 44cm] [$1,280]  

Forest - green

18ct yellow gold, Australian Green sapphire ring [7.5mm setting, 2mm band] [$3,340]

Barnacle - gold

18ct yellow gold, blue sapphire earrings [10 x 32mm] [$2,100]

Barnacle - sapphire and diamond

18ct yellow gold, diamond, sapphire ring [7.2mm] [$POA]


Sterling silver, Ceylon sapphire earrings [10.3 x 31.5mm] [$270]

Leaf - Black

Sterling silver, oxidised detail earrings [45.2 x 13.6mm] [$185]

Dotted disc - trio

Sterling silver, emerald, chrome tourmaline, green sapphire [21 x 19mm, Chanin 45cm] [$310]

Dotted Disc - blue

Sterling silver, blue sapphire earrings [30 x 19mm] [$265]

Blossom and leaves – pinks

Sterling silver, ruby, pink sapphire, rhodolite garnet [30 x 15mm, Chin 50cm] [$310]

Blossom and leaves – pinks trio

Sterling silver, ruby, pink sapphire, rhodolite garnet earrings [33 x 15mm] [$620]

Blossom and leaves – trio

Sterling silver, tourmaline, sapphire, oxidised detail pendant [29 x 15mm, Chain 45cm] [$310]

Little Disc

9ct yellow gold, diamond studs [12mm diameter] [$1,070]

Hanging Leaf

9ct yellow gold diamond earrings [18 x 39mm] [$1,750]

Tercet – Diamond

18ct yellow gold, diamond earrings [10 x 12.6mm] [$2,980]

Soft sand and Ocean Square

9ct yellow gold, Australian parti sapphire ring [5.4mm setting, 3mm band] [$1,350]

Dotted disc - diamond

9ct yellow gold, diamond hook earrings [18 x 30mm] [$1,540]


18ct yellow gold, diamond ring [7.2mm] [$3,195]

Golden little sun

18ct yellow gold, diamond earrings [6.8mm] [$765]


18ct yellow gold, diamond pendant [12.5 x 16.2mm, Chain 45cm] [$1,150]

Leaves on branches

9ct rose gold stud earrings [6.9mm] [$380]

Barnacle - white, hook

18ct white gold, white diamond hook earrings [10.4 x 31.8mm] [$2,750]

Barnacle - white diamond / Barnacle - white

18ct white gold, diamond ring [7.2mm] [$3,590]  
18ct white gold ring [7.2mm] [$4,150]  

Feather leaves

18ct white gold, Australian parti sapphire [7.1mm] [$4,300]

Leaves - engraved / Tabernae Montana

18ct white gold ring [4.2mm] [$1,925]  
18ct white gold, diamond ring [4.8mm setting, 3mm band] [$2,470]  

Dotted Disc - small

9ct yellow gold hook earrings [13.3 x 25.45mm] [$650]

Leaves / Leaves - engraved

18ct yellow gold, diamond ring [5.2mm] [$POA]  
18ct white gold ring [4.2mm] [$1,925]

Leaves castle – blue

Sterling silver, oxidised detail, London Topaz, Australian sapphire, tourmaline, aquamarine [7.85mm] [$640]

Blossoms and leaves

sterling silver, sapphire ring [6.7mm] [$495]

Castle blossom

Sterling silver, oxidised detail, rhodolite garnet, tourmaline, ruby [7.85mm] [$595]


18ct yellow gold, diamond ring [7mm] [$2,950]

Cherry Blossom - gold

9ct yellow gold hook earrings [11 x 25.4mm] [$650]

Cherry Blossom - pink

Sterling silver, pink tourmaline ring [8.2mm] [$375]

Ancient Dots

Sterling silver earrings [43.6 x 30mm] [$220]

Castle – topaz

Sterling silver, blue topaz [7mm, Chain 42cm] [$410]

Wrapped leaf

9ct yellow gold ring [2.5 - 4.8mm] [$830]

Leaves - silver

Sterling silver ring [5.5mm] [$295]

Blossom set

Sterling silver ring [6.1mm] [$350]
Sterling silver ring [6.1mm] [$350]

Dotted disc - domed

Sterling silver, blue sapphire [Chain 45cm] [$190]

Blossom set

Sterling silver ring [6.1mm] [$350]
Sterling silver ring [6.1mm] [$350]

Castle - London

9ct Yellow gold, London blue topaz, oxidised sterling silver[7mm] [$685]

Leaves - bangle

Sterling silver bangle [6.6mm wide, 64.5mm interior diameter] [$485]

Tassel - red

Sterling silver, enamel paint earrings [13.6 x 38.7mm] [$185]

Tassel - garnet

Sterling silver, enamel paint, garnet pendant [13.6 x 32.5mm, Chain 43cm] [$210]


Sterling silver, oxidised detail [7mm] [$350]


Sterling silver, oxidised detail cufflinks [15.85 x 15.75mm] [$360]

Barnacle - black diamond

Sterling silver, black diamond ring [7.7mm] [$385]


I am a Melbourne-based goldsmith and jewellery designer. Born and raised in Germany, I studied goldsmithing at the staatlichen Zeichenakademie (state drawing akademie) and jewellery design at the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung (Pforzheim).

I immigrated to Australia in 1999, to study Jewellery and 3D design at Curtin University in Western Australia. After an inspirational time on Western Australian beaches I moved to Melbourne in 2001 and established myself as an independent jeweller. My collections have been represented at Galleries across Australia.

I get my inspiration from the old, the odd, the found, the image, contrasts and colours, stones, the sparkle, the light and the heavy, the story, the movement, the moment, distance and lines.

In addition to designing around found objects, I favour a two dimensional approach. My drawings and sketches are transformed through the use of traditional techniques of hand engraving and carving to create three dimensional wearable pieces. Allowing my drawings to come to life.

All pieces are designed and handmade in my little blue studio in Melbourne.

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