Anna Davern

Reef 1

9ct yellow gold black diamond stud earring   [$2,150]   [Enquire]

Reef 2

9ct gold, tsavorite garnet, emerald, onyx pendant   [$1,145]   [Enquire]

Reef 3

9ct yellow gold, tsavorite garnet earrings   [$745]   [Enquire]

Reef 4

9ct yellow gold black diamond earrings   [$1,195]   [Enquire]

Reef 5

Sterling silver ruby neckpiece   [$675]   [Enquire]

Reef 6

9ct yellow gold, black diamond stud earrings   [$875]   [Enquire]

Reef 7

9ct yellow Gold, garnet bead stud earring   [$610]   [Enquire]

Triple Coil

18ct yellow gold, ruby ring   [$3,510]   [Enquire]

Reef 8

9ct yellow gold, ruby neckpiece   [$1,235]   [Enquire]

Reef 9

18ct Gold, blue sapphire earrings   [$1,010]   [Enquire]

Double Coil

18ct white gold, Ceylon sapphire ring   [$2,340]   [Enquire]

Reef 10

9ct yellow gold, blue diamond earrings   [$1,470]   [Enquire]

Reef 11

9ct yellow gold, garnet earrings   [$845]   [Enquire]

Mobius 1

9ct rose gold, diamond ring   [$3,115]   [Enquire]

Reef 12

9ct gold, tsavorite garnet, emerald, onyx earrings   [$POA]   [Enquire]

Mobius 2

9ct white gold, calibrated ruby ring   [$1,300]   [Enquire]

Mobius 3

9ct yellow gold, calibrated tourmaline ring   [$1,070]   [Enquire]
18ct yellow, calibrated sapphire ring   [$1,465]   [Enquire]

Mobius 4

18ct White gold, diamond ring   [$1,475]   [Enquire]

Coil Micro

9ct yellow gold ring   [$520]   [Enquire]
18ct yellow gold ring   [$935]   [Enquire]

Coil 1

Sterling silver oxidised bangle   [$240]   [Enquire]
9ct yellow gold bangle   [$1,985]   [Enquire]

Coil 2

Sterling silver ring   [$160]   [Enquire]
Sterling silver oxidised ring   [$160]   [Enquire]

Reef 13

9ct yellow gold, black diamond earrings from   [$2,020]   [Enquire]

ultra Coil

18ct gold ring   [$2,775]   [Enquire]

Reef 14

Oxidised sterling silver peridot, aquamarine, onyx earrings   [$POA]   [Enquire]

Pear and Triangle

Sterling silver ruby sapphire pendant   [$855]   [Enquire]
Sterling silver, ruby pendant   [$530]   [Enquire]

Reef 15

Oxidised silver turquoise and gold   [$1,220]   [Enquire]


Reworked biscuit tin brooches   [$200]   [Enquire]

Rocks 1

Sublimated aluminum earrings   [$180]   [Enquire]

Precious Kitch-Kylie

Reworked biscuit tin, 18ct gold sapphire brooch   [$1,450]   [Enquire]

Rocks 2

Sublimated aluminum earrings   [$180]   [Enquire]

Rocks 3

Sublimated aluminum earrings   [$165]   [Enquire]

Rocks 4

Sublimated aluminum earrings   [$180]   [Enquire]