Rhys Turner

Australian Green sapphire

Platinum, Australian parti sapphire ring [$POA]

Yellow square

9ct yellow gold, blue sapphire stud earrings [4.9 x 4.9mm] [$1,160]


18ct yellow gold, Australian blue sapphire ring [10.1mm wide at setting, 2.1mm wide band] [$4,465]


18ct yellow gold, white diamond ring [2.6mm wide band] [$2,400]

White Square

9ct white gold, Australian parti sapphire stud earrings [4.9 x 4.9mm] [$1,290]

Descend - White

18ct white gold, black diamond ring [$POA]


18ct yellow gold, white diamond ring [$POA]

Incline pendant

Oxidised sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold pendant [$POA]

Descend pendant

Oxidised sterling silver pendant [43.5 x 51mm, Chain 54cm] [$380]

Descend bangle

Sterling silver bangle [2.8mm wide, 65.41mm ID] [$350]  
Oxidised sterling silver bangle [2.8mm wide, 61.95mm ID] [$350]  

Golden Descend

9ct yellow gold, diamond pendant [$POA]


Oxidised sterling silver, 9ct yellow gold earrings [9.8 x 47.8mm] [$700]


9ct white and yellow gold ring [3.3mm wide band] [$1,150]

Onyx cushion

Sterling silver, onyx ring [17.3mm wide, 4.15mm at rear] [$580]

Salty Dog

Sterling silver signet ring [19.9mm wide, 7.5mm at rear] [$520]

Rhys Turner

Rhys completed a Bachelor of Arts (Jewellery) at Charles Stuart University in Wagga Wagga. Having developed a broad technical skill set he was employed as a manufacturing jeweller in Canberra and Melbourne, during which time he extended both his technical experience and design aesthetic.

Rhys’ design philosophy reflects a minimalist architectural aesthetic with an emphasis on clean lines and geometry. Wearability, traditional jewellery techniques and sculptural elements inform his collection supported by detail, precision and accuracy.

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